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roof leakWhether you experience a sudden burst of water or a slow drip, roof leak repair has to happen fast. The flooding waters can immediately damage your belongings and within just 24 hours, promote mold growth. A slow trickle of water may not seem urgent, but it can actually be the calm before the storm. Roofs are simple structures, but leaks are surprisingly complex. Don’t risk more damage to your home. Call your local emergency roof repair specialists at Floyd Heggie Roofing today.

The Causes of Leaks
Although different roofing materials tend to age and handle wear differently, almost all residential roofs are susceptible to leaks. And while the roof leak repair process may be different based on the material, the causes of leaks tend to be the same few things.

Age – With time, all roofs will begin to deteriorate. The amount of time that takes depends on if you have a shingle, tile or metal covering and how well you maintain it over the years. But the simple fact is that even properly maintained, eventually they will all begin to fail. While repairs throughout the years can help to prolong the lifespan, any existing original materials will still be prone to leaks.

Poor maintenance – Roof leak repair often becomes necessary after homeowners have failed to get the preventive maintenance needed. A large portion of roofing issues are minor and can be resolved with repairs. Neglect gives them the opportunity to worsen and become a big problem, like a sudden burst of water through your ceiling. A simple annual inspection and inspections after major storms can spot the minor problems and save you a big hassle and a big bill.

Storm damage – Living in Texas makes severe weather unavoidable. Hail and wind damage can do a number on any material, tearing shingles away and cracking tiles. In many cases, it becomes obvious very quickly that you need roof leak repair. But storms can often leave dents and cracks behind that may not leak until the next rain. If you’ve just experienced severe weather, you should call roof leak specialists immediately for an inspection.

Trees – Homeowners often enjoy the beauty of their trees but neglect the care. Left untrimmed, a poorly maintained tree can wreak havoc on your roof. Obvious issues stem from fallen branches puncturing the roof during a storm, but many other problems can lead to you needing roof leak repair. During any storm or windy day, hundreds of leaves can fall off of trees onto your roof. If you don’t clean those leaves off, they can trap moisture against your roofing materials causing weakness and a potential leak. Long branches can scrape off the protective mineral granules on your asphalt shingle roof and make it more vulnerable to leaks.

How We Perform Roof Leak Repair
Roof leak repair – Our approach to repair will vary based on a lot of things. The most important factor is the material you have covering your home. We will also do a thorough inspection to determine where the leak originated, how bad it is, if it can be repaired and if there are more leaks on their way. Many repairs just involve replacing ruined shingles, tiles and underlayment or parts of the flashing that have been dented or stripped off during a storm.

roof leak2Roof replacement – We do not believe in selling our customers something they don’t need. If a roof leak repair is all you need, that is what we will do. But in the case of older or severely damaged roofs, we may recommend full replacement.

With 30 years in the roofing industry, we are roof leak specialists. We will come to your home, perform a complete inspection, and give you a plan of action and free estimate. Our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau is maintained through honest customer service and high quality work. When you need a leak stopped fast, call Floyd Heggie Roofing.

We provide roof leak repair in Fort Worth, Arlington, and all of the nearby areas.

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